Friday, March 23, 2018

6th Graders were beta testers for Google today! They got creative with Google Expeditions and their augmented reality program, bringing sea creatures, cells, and dinosaurs to their fingertips. Pictured above is Molly Grant. 

Important Upcoming Dates:

Course Selection Parent Night at SHS: Thursday, March 29th @ 6:30 

Good Friday: No school on Friday, March 30th

Early Release: Thursday, April 12th, 12:30 dismissal

Homework Free Weekend: Friday, April 13th

April Vacation: April 16th-April 20th

MCAS Dates:
April 2nd:  5th grade ELA 8:30-11:00
April 3rd:  5th grade ELA 8:30-11:00

April 4th:  6th grade ELA 8:30- 11:00
April 5th:  6th grade ELA 8:30-11:00

April 6th:  7th grade ELA 8:30-11:00
April 9th:  7th grade ELA 8:30-11:00

April 10th:  8th grade ELA 8:30-11:00
April 11th: 8th grade ELA 8:30-11:00

May 3rd:  5th grade Math 8:30-10:19
May 4th:  5th grade Math 8:30-10:19

May 7th:  6th grade Math 8:30-10:19
May 8th:  6th grade Math 8:30-10:19

May 10th:  8th grade Math 8:30-10:19
May 11th:  8th grade Math 8:30-10:19

May 14th:  7th grade Math 8:30-10:19
May 15th:  7th grade Math 8:30-10:19

May 17th:  5th grade Science 8:30-9:27
May 18th:  5th grade Science 8:30-9:27

May 22nd:  8th grade Science (2 sessions) 8:30-10:19

Have a wonderful weekend!


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