Friday, February 9, 2018

Feeling the Love

Two 6th grade students smiling despite their injuries
Still Smiling in Slings!

Winter Spirit Week 2018 

Monday, February 12th: Blue and White Day with hats
Tuesday, February 13th: Twinning Day 
After school on 13th, 2:30-3:30Library Advisory Board Bake Sale 
Wednesday, February 14th: Red and Pink Day  (Early Release Day)

Thursday, February 15th: Favorite Sports Team Day with hats

Friday, February 16th: PJ Day (Full Day of School)

Upcoming Dates:
February 13th - Calvin Terrell Presentation for 7th & 8th Graders (Night Presentation open to all members of the Swampscott Community at SHS from 7-9) 
February 14th - 12:30 Dismissal 
February: 17th - Homework Free Weekend
February 19th-23rd - School Vacation Week 
March 7th: Term 2 grades close
March 15th: Term 2 report cards available online

Friday, February 2, 2018

Flourishing in February

Flourishing in February

Pictured here are two 8th grade students working on a vocabulary assignment.Pictured here are two 8th Graders working hard on their English assignment.
Eighth Graders, Xaviah Bascon and Aiden Craig, working hard on their studies this Friday morning.   

Good Afternoon Swampscott Families, 

Together, we have made it to February! Our students displayed great respect at the Winter Dance last Friday and we were filled with great pride after the compliments DJ Alvin handed out regarding our students' behavior.  Mid-term grades for the second trimester were made public on Monday and, if have not done so already, please look on Aspen to view them.  It is always a good idea to take time to reflect with your children on their academic progress and have them set goals on how they would like to finish the trimester. 

We are two weeks away from February vacation. We are optimistic that our students will continue to keep a positive attitude and put forth their best efforts.  Pictured below are our Big Blue Pride Winners for the month of January!

Upcoming Dates: 

February Vacation: February 19-23rd
Homework Free Weekend: February 17th
Term 2 Grades Posted Online: March 15th

Pictured here are the Big Blue Pride Winners for the month of January.

5th Grade Winners: 
Charles Torres
Effie Cobbett (not pictured)
Thomas Le
Olivia Barletta
Nathaniel Mayes

6th Grade Winners: 
Andrew Tierney (not pictured)
Erin Wood

7th Grade Winners: 
Andrew Lagerquist
Ian Stadlander

8th Grade Winners: 
Olivia Passalaqua
Neirit Mahabub
Xaviah Bascon

Let's Go Pats!!!

Vaping Awareness

Dear SMS Families, Once again we are reaching out in order to raise awareness and strengthen our community’s prevention efforts pertain...